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Words From Our Clients

A few kind words from our clients, inspire us to perform even better and deliver more than expected!
  • “Master Circulars have been the most unique innovation and parting gift of the nineteenth century, which witnessed tons of regulatory instructions spread over 5 decades being showered on the banking industry. Thanks to the creators!"
  • “An important contribution has been compilation of subject-wise master circulars by merging quite a large number of circulars issued on important subjects over the years... RBI Annual Report”
  • “Compliance Manuals and their regular updating is very helpful and it has saved the bank from undertaking research work through thousands of regulatory instructions.”
  • “Regulatory and statutory obligations repository, is the most unique achievement and very useful to the bank in monitoring compliance across the bank. But for it… we don’t know how would we have monitored compliance with thousands of regulatory & statutory obligations.”

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